Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Marrying Up by Wendy Holden


Marrying Up by Wendy Holden
Published 2012
384 Pages
ISBN: 0755342631

Marrying Up revolves around the destinies of three women, Polly, an archaeologist, the beautiful but clueless Lady Florence (Florrie) Trevorigus-Whyske-Cleethorpe and Allison Donald, who will do anything to become rich, famous and marry well. Including changing everything from her name to her appearance.

Allison Donald, who changes her name to Alexa MacDonald, will do anything to marry well. Love is a secondary consideration to titles and money. Accompanied by her equally ambitious and irrepressible sidekick, Barney van Hoosier, from auctions to funerals, no opportunity to find a titled and wealthy husband is passed up. Her scheming becomes so pathetic, it's a cautionary tale in the making.

Polly is the opposite, an accomplished archaeologist with a broken heart, marrying well is not on her radar when she falls in love with Max, a veterinarian and unbeknownst to her, Crown Prince of Sedona. A reluctant royal, Max must leave Polly behind in England, and return to Sedona to marry and secure the royal line. Unaware of his destiny, Polly finds out he's a prince and goes to find him, for entirely different reasons than Alexa.

Lady Florrie is a clueless yet stunningly beautiful aristocrat whirling from one party to another, her ambitious mother Lady Annabel schemes to have her daughter marry into the royal family. Polly, Alexa and Lady Florrie, eventually end up in Sedona, two as potential brides for Prince Max.

Marrying Up has several unexpected plot turns. At times in it's a bit heavy handed with the royal title satire: Ancient Order of the Norwegian Reindeer Smokers, Royal Swedish Order of the Golden Cod, (OK I get it, the titles are ridiculous) it is otherwise a fun read.

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