Friday, July 13, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Elizabeth: Reigning in Style by Jane Eastoe

Elizabeth: Reigning in Style by Jane Eastoe
Published 2012
112 Pages
ISBN: 978-1862059481

As mentioned in a previous post about Robert Lacey's new book, A Queen a Life in Brief, I am concerned that there will be nothing new to add about the Queen's life once she heads to that great, palace in the sky.

In this respect, Elizabeth: Reigning in Style stands out. While she was beautiful  and stylish when younger, referring to the Queen has a fashion icon stretches it - in my opinion. If anything, the author at least offers a (somewhat) new perspective on her life. We may not know her true opinion on politics or anything else for that matter, but at least we now know who designed her clothing and footwear and who is responsible for some of the atrocious hats she has worn throughout her life.

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