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Royal Review: The Regal Rules for Girls by Jerramy Fine

The Regal Rules for Girls by Jerramy Fine
320 Pages
Published August 2012
ISBN: 978-0425247648

While reading The Regal Rules for Girls, I found myself incredibly impressed with the wealth of information within its pages. I couldn't help but wonder - what isn't The Regal Rules for Girls? Is it a self-help book? Etiquette guide? Career counselling? Educational brochure? Travel guide? Dating advice from a wise friend? Party planning guide?

In a brief, it is a manual for any American girl who has ever dreamed of moving to the United Kingdom in search of her prince.

Basing Regal Rules for Girls on her own experience,which she wrote about in her wonderfully entertaining memoir Someday My Prince Will Come, Jerramy offers a guide for other plucky American women to pursue their own prince charming. However, unlike other self-help books filled with inspirational platitudes, this one offers a pragmatic and calculated approach towards achieving happily ever after. Call it a reality check for would be Cinderellas. If you want the glass slipper, you're going to have to work for it.

Forget dreaming about your prince, you'll have to single-mindedly hunt him down in his natural environment.  Jerramy offers tips on how to spot your prey based on physical characteristics and educational background, and recommends the best 'Regal Hunting Grounds' (Polo matches, sailing, skiing in the Alps) with accompanying websites. Should the need arise, essential survival skills are provided: the full lyrics to God Save the Queen, classic martini recipe, diagram for how to properly tie a bow tie, sailing lingo to impress your nautical suitor, and a pronunciation guide so you don't unwittingly become a social pariah when you just want to relax on the couch sofa.

All sorts of unromantic territory is covered: government visas, finding an apartment flat-share, gaining employment, finding proper dental care, and the best place to purchase American food staples. Buying the plane ticket is the easy part. If navigating the unspoken minefield of British social intricacies doesn't dissuade you, nothing else will.

Following these rules to the letter you will have no excuse for not being successful in your pursuit. The Regal Rules for Girls offers all of the tips you'll need to get there. Happily ever after is now up to you.

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