Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank God for naked princes in Las Vegas!

Finally, something to discuss other than the Duchess of Cambridge's clothes and the Duke of Edinburgh's death watch! This is quite possibly the biggest story to hit royal watchers since Catherine reignited the debate on pantyhose vs no pantyhose.

A naked prince allows us to focus on what really matters in the world of royalty. Upon seeing photographs of said naked prince (see explanation below), you've probably had one of six possible reactions.

1) You've sighed dramatically and fallen into a dead-faint. Currently waiting for someone to revive you with smelling salts.

2) You've indulged in sanctimonious preaching and proclaimed yourself an armchair arbiter of royal behavior.

3) Dying of curiosity, you've openly wished Harry had removed his hand.

4) Dying of curiosity, you've secretly wished Harry had removed his hand.

5) You've spent the last few days composing a blog post before the story inevitably dies out.

6) You don`t care or understand what all of the fuss is about.

Whichever reaction you`ve experienced, I applaud you for reading this jump on the bandwagon blog post.

Yes, Prince Harry was photographed. In  Las Vegas, naked, playing strip billiards, in the privacy of his hotel suite. Now that these photographs have come to light, Harry is supposedly 'no longer a role model', he has behaved in a 'disgraceful manner', he has 'brought disrepute on the British royal family' and 'someone needs to drum some sense into him before it's too late'. What a shame, if only Harry had known he had to set an example in the privacy of his hotel room. The family firm isn't supposed to take a day off, is it?

The fact that Prince Harry parties is nothing new. Young, virile and single, we expect it of him. Why are people suddenly appalled and offended now that there's photographic proof of it?  Should Harry have known better than to invite strangers into his private suite? Let that be a lesson to you Harry. In the future, choose your naked friends more carefully.

Unfortunately for Harry, he is a senior royal by accident of birth rather than choice. Along with his brother and sister-in-law, he is expected to shore up the Firm and carry the royal flag forward. It's a losing battle. Unlike in previous generations when royalty set the tone for society, deference is dead and gone. The Queen, her husband and first cousins are a dying breed and times have changed. Holding Harry to the same standards of royal behavior is unrealistic. For Harry, and for people who continue to expect it from any member of the new royal generation.

For now Harry would be wise to keep his head down and his pants on. Oh, and while at it, learn how to play billiards for next time.

The public is watching and waiting.

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