Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Undoubted Queen


Undoubted Queen by Harry Tatlock Miller & Loudon Sainthill
255 Pages
Published 1958
ASIN: B001X6A36Q

There is no actual year of publication listed, nor an ISBN so I've taken the information from Amazon. Judging by the photos of the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, I would say that 1957/1958 time frame would be accurate.

Undoubted Queen takes its title from a phrase in the Order of Coronation. And like that event, the overall feel is reverential. Other than captions to identify locations, there is very little text outside of the bibliography. Comprised of photographs of Elizabeth II throughout her (short) life, the glamorous young queen is primarily presented in the line of duty, on ceremonial occasions and on her travels around the world. Not all of the photographs are particularly flattering, there are some out of focus pictures and grainy closeups. On her travels to Nigeria and Australia, photos of tribesmen and aboriginals add a National Geographic feel.

It is hard to tell what the point of Undoubted Queen is. It has very few words and the photographs are mainly from her coronation and travels during the early years of her reign. Beside illustrations of previous queens regnant, the reader is left to draw their own conclusions about the new queen and her place in royal history.

Little could the authors have known just how significant that place would be.

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