Sunday, February 19, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: The Royal Baby Book by Phoebe Hichens


The Royal Baby Book by Phoebe Hichens
Published 1984
64 Pages
ISBN: 0517454661

My interest in the royal family began the day Prince William was born, June 21st, 1982. I've always loved looking at baby pictures and combined with  royalty, this book is right up my alley.

The Royal Baby Book is about royal children from Edward VIII to Prince Harry. Each royal child has his/her own page with their birth date, astrological sign, short biography along with the significance of their position in the royal family. Along with some delightful photos of the various children, there are some surprising errors in the birth dates of Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince William. To be fair, this was before Wikipedia could be used to double-check these things.

Looking through the book it's clear that, despite covering almost 100 years of royal babies, the fascination with royal infants, their births and the way they are raised, doesn't change. In fact, the desire for more information about the minute of their upbringing has grown. There is no doubt that William and Catherine can expect the same reaction upon the arrival of their own children.

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