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Royal Book Challenge: Kate & Wills Up The Aisle by Alison Jackson


Kate and Wills Up the Aisle: A Right Royal Wedding by Alison Jackson
122 Pages
Published 2011
ISBN: 1849490139

Just how 'wild a buck' was Prince William in his younger days? How did Charles and Camilla cope with news of the engagement? How did William propose to Kate? You'll find none of the truthful answers in this book.

However, you can see what their look-a-likes did in those situations. Up The Aisle tells the 'fairytale' story of William and Kate's love story using eerie doppelgangers. If you didn't read the disclaimer at the start, you'd think you were actually looking at Gordon Ramsay giving Kate cooking lessons or Elton John preparing for the wedding by getting a colonic irrigation. *shudder*

Some of the photos border on 'letting daylight in on the magic' (Kate getting a bikini wax, two horses graphically mating, William and Mike Middleton washing a car). Such things should remain a mystery.

Highly entertaining, most of the fun is in marvelling at the freaky likenesses. But it's best to take this book in small doses. There's only so many times you can look at a photo of William in the bathroom admiring a picture of Kate or Camilla wearing a flimsy negligee.


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