Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: From a Clear Blue Sky by Timothy Knatchbull


From a Clear Blue Sky: Surviving the Mountbatten Bomb by Timothy Knatchbull
418 Pages
Published 2009
ISBN: 9780091931469

For many royal watchers, the death of Lord Louis Mountbatten, 'Honorary Grandfather' to Prince Charles, may only exist as a tragic circumstance for the Windsor family. A royal footnote in history and nothing more. But From a Clear Blue Sky makes it very clear that this was anything but that for those on the boat.

In 1979 Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA when a bomb planted on his fishing boat exploded. Also on board were his daughter Patricia, her mother-in-law, husband John Bradbourne, twin sons Nicholas and Timothy Knatchbull and a local boy named Paul Maxwell. The only survivors of the explosion would be Patricia, her husband, and Timothy.

Timothy Knatchbull recounts in harrowing and at times graphic details the aftermath of the explosion and the recovery process for his family. The author doesn't hold back in his recollections and at times I felt like an intruder. Otherwise From a Clear Blue Sky is a moving and personal account of his journey towards healing.

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