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Royal Book Challenge The Royal 100 by Alan Hamilton


The Royal One Hundred: A Who's Who of the First 100 People in Line of Succession to the British Throne by Alan Hamilton
Published 1986
130 pages
ISBN: 0907516939

If you're ever in a royal trivia smack down and need to know who was 57th in line to the British throne, circa 1986, then this is the book for you. Otherwise the charm of The Royal 100 lies in the biographies of those relations who cannot coast on their birthright and keep it real by working for a living. Some who are far down the list even downplay their proximity. As if they have any other choice.

While the first four positions are still currently unchanged, the last 26 years have drastically altered the top 100.  Case in point. The 100th person in this book, Princess Marie Cecile of Prussia, is now, according to some lists, in position 217.

Covering the descendants from King Edward VII to Elizabeth II, the entries are interesting and occasionally humorous. The author touches on Queen Victoria but does not cover all of her descendants. As a result, the reader misses out on the Swedish, Belgian, Spanish, Greek and Danish royals who extend beyond the scope of the list. With almost 6000 people currently in line, it's understandable that the author limited the list to 100.

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