Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The World According to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Forget President Obama or Queen Elizabeth, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is the most influential person on the planet.

Don't believe me?

No other woman can be said to influence everything from pantyhose to the economy. Her wedding even affected the environment. That's how powerful she is. Is it any accident that after her break-up with William in April 2007 that by July, Venus and Saturn were in conjunction? Coincidence? I think not.

We may think that her impact is limited to frivolous fashion choices. Not so! The Media, Hair & Beauty, Technology, Health Care, Travel and Food industries have all experienced the Kate-effect. Who else could change the landscape of the automotive industry by increasing the value of a 2001 Volkswagen Golf?

Clearly a one woman juggernaut of global influence.

However, not everything she touches turns to gold. Case in point, her royal wedding affected the mating patterns of red grouse. The UK economy also took a hit. As well, invoking the royal wedding couldn't even revive Jerry Seinfeld's career. You win some, you lose some.

Luckily she uses her powers for good; raising awareness about affordable flights between Edinburgh and Manchester. The proper etiquette for returning shopping trolleys. As well as highlighting the dangers of putting a maid of honor in a flattering dress.

Catherine's reach is so powerful it even extends into other galaxies! Maybe UFO's are trying to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon.

When they come to a conclusion let's hope they return so they can explain it to us.

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