Monday, August 08, 2011

Catherine Cambridge, use your fashion powers wisely

Dear Catherine, err Your Royal Highness:

It was with great alarm that I read the title of the following article 'Kate Middleton made us a nation of nude-ists'. My first thought is that you had set another trend, this time for going without clothes. While you can pull this off and some would regard this as "liberating," I feel that you might be abusing your fashion power over us.

Imagine my relief when I realized this article was about your shoes. However looking at the bigger picture I can't help but wonder whether we are headed in this direction. This concerns me. Many trends that have laid dormant for years should not be brought back (the corset, platform shoes, polyester pant-suits, anything from the 1970s/ early 1980s). No matter how much fashion designers lack inspiration. It is one thing to recycle ideas in the film industry; few films have the ability to embarrass the collective consciousness. Whereas what we wear/don't wear could adversely affect our job prospects. You don't have to worry about this so it is of no concern to you as you recklessly change fashions at whim with no thought for the rest of us.

Take for instance your hats. Persist with this and we could become a nation of people wearing over sized potato chips/satellite dishes on our heads. The chaos that could ensue at baseball games and the movies is a frightening thought. Skinny jeans or hot pants on the wrong figure is a horrifying image. Depending on the season/climate pantyhose, no matter how sheer, is simply irresponsible.

I fear for the future and where this could lead. What's next? Leggings? Popped collars? Shoulder-pads? Crimped hair? I almost fear you taking this as a challenge when you're bored in Anglesey.

Whatever you do, keep your clothes on. People will thank you for it, myself included.

© Marilyn Braun 2011

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