Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can Fergie bounce back?


Fergie, Fergie, Fergie (insert dramatic sigh here).

What have you done this time? Just when we thought you were on the road to royal redemption, breaking scones with the royal family at tea time and cozily living with your ex-husband as, what you call yourselves: "the happiest divorced couple in the world." You get caught in a video sting by an undercover reporter for News of the World. I hate when that happens.

My first reaction to your video? Holy c**p!

Second reaction to your video? She's done it again!

How, I wondered, could you still be so naive after all of these years?

Yes, you were shafted by the royal family in the divorce settlement. Yes, you have had to make your own way in the world. Having a title didn't hurt you. But your royal connections seemed to be off limits. Watching this video they obviously are not. Yet you are not the first person connected to the royal family to be captured making unflattered revealtions - Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Princess Michael of Kent to name but two. If anything, you're in good company.

You have apologized for your "serious lapse in judgement."  As the royals supposedly react to these things, the Queen herself must be 'incandescent with rage', Charles must be 'knashing his teeth' and the scandal is said to have shaken the royals. Then there are the rest of us who may be bemused, shocked, or indifferent. It is incredibly unfortunate, especially for some of us who had held out hope that when the Queen goes to that great palace in the sky, that you two might once again be reunited on commmemorative china. Like waiting for William and Kate to get married, we all have unrealistic dreams.

Reports of your financial difficulties are nothing new. You have denied them in the past but there is no denying it now. It must be a desperate situation for you to offer up the Duke of York to the higest bidder. While the deal you were trying to broker is shocking, it is your naivety that is painful to watch. Your appearance in the video, smoking, looking stressed and hunched over was pathetic for a woman circa 1986 who joined the royal family with such 'breath of fresh air' potential.

It's hard to say how this will affect your future with your business and your credibilty. I feel sad that for all of the progress you have made with the royal family you might be back to square one. Not to mention how your daughters must feel being caught in the middle. But you have bounced back before and you have proven that you are a survivor when others have chosen to count you out. And in that respect I'm not worried about you - for now.

This too shall pass...until the next time...

© Marilyn Braun 2010

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