Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And I turn towards Sweden..

I'm having a serious case of royal watching envy as Sweden prepares for the wedding of their Crown Princess. All of the romance, the preparation, the speculation that the British royal family should be experiencing if only Prince William would get off his regal tush and propose to Kate Middleton. Or if he already has proposed then tell the world about it already!

Sweden has what the British royals do not - a happy ending.

I've lamented the lack of royal news, it's depressing to think that the last wedding happened in 2008 and wasn't really a royal wedding at all. Sure the trappings were there, the royal pedigree was unquestioned. But when the groom, Peter Philips, was born he was plain Master Peter Philips. As a grandchild in the female line, he and his sister Zara were the first children of a royal to be born commoners in over 500 years.

William and Kate's wedding would undoubtably be a royal wedding. In fact it would be the royal wedding. As his father's first wedding and his grandmother, the Queen's had been before that. The wedding of a direct heir to the throne captures the imagination. After all there is a lot at stake. Not only would Kate become the newest Princess, she would be expected to secure the line, and eventually take her place beside William on the throne. Heady stuff but Kate has had eight years to consider it. And William has had just as much time to consider it as well. Unlike his father who was reportedly bullied into marrying Lady Diana Spencer, William is in a position where he can take his time to make the right decision. When he will let us know is anyones guess.

Sweden had a similar wait for their Crown Princess. She reportedly began dating Daniel Westling in 2002 and their engagement was announced in February 2009. I admit that until recently I didn't pay much attention to what went on in the Swedish royal family other than to note how exceptionally photogenic they are. Now on June 19th they will take their place on the royal watching centre stage - The beautiful princess and her handsome prince-to-be. Not only a glamorous and regal event but a historic one too. The Crown Princess's marriage will be the first wedding of a female successor to the throne in the history of Swedish monarchs. It will also be the largest event ever covered in Stockholm.

And all I can do is watch and sigh enviously...

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