Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Charles and Camilla's Canadian Royal Tour - Day 5

Charles and Camilla began their day at 'The Royal' arriving in a horse drawn open carriage. "Nothing could give me greater pleasure than to declare the 87th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair officially open," the prince said to a crowd of 'thousands'. Camilla was presented with a leather western style horse saddle while the Prince received a basket of maple syrup and honey - which he can compare to his own Duchy Originals brand.

The couple toured the fair, presenting championship ribbons to delighted young teen winners of the Queen's Guineas beef cattle competition. Then Charles was off to surprise people in the cattle barn while Camilla toured the kennels and visited fair kiosks to do some shopping for her grandchildren. In a woman of the people move Camilla paid for her purchases with money from her purse. Yes, some of the royals do indeed carry money!

The couple then jetted off to Victoria, British Columbia for yet another official welcoming ceremony.

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Lucy said...

You know,the Royal couple just landed at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau here in Montreal a few minutes ago..and I know someone who works there that would have let me in somehow to get a peak at them. No chance though- since this morning the school called and I had to go pick up my little one who's not feeling well..ahhh. May be for the better (Diana may not have approved..this way I remain loyal to her!)

Marilyn Braun said...

Ahh, I'm sorry to hear about your little one. There's definately something going around - it's already hit my husband and two kids.

I had been considering going down to see them at 'The Royal' but my little girl had school. Probably for the best, I don't know if I could have convinced the teacher that royal watching has some educational merit to it!

Lucy said...

Well, let's just say that in this province..there's no way that excuse could fly! (if you know what i mean..most Quebec sovereignists have a very brutal view of the English monarchy...)

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes, I read that they gave them quite the welcome. Eggs, anyone? ;)