Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Sunday Best Isn't Available

When Michelle Obama arrives in London with her husband, President Obama, she will bring with her that unquestionable sheen of the extremely accomplished that can only make any woman standing next to her look inferior. In the presence of the most interesting First Lady in almost 50 years, the Queen herself may feel a momentary lapse in self-confidence. Having your image and face on stamps and currency cannot compete with the First Toned Arms.

While in the United Kingdom she will also meet with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The woman who famously succeeded Britain's version of Michelle Obama, Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana, the one with the Royal Toned Limbs, the charisma, height and honorary degrees in dentistry that would have been more than a match for Mrs Obama. Alas we can only imagine Diana and Michelle sizing each other up so we're left with Camilla.

How embarassing to have to serve left-overs instead of Cordon Bleu.

© Marilyn Braun 2009


Anonymous said...

Camilla and Charles should've married when they had a chance in the 1970s. We all know this. Instead, things happened the way they did.

Looking past all that, however, I've found that Camilla has been an exemplary consort to the Prince of Wales. She has brought more dignity and grace to the role than the immature and vengeful Diana could ever have dreamed of doing.

I'm not condoning the Charles-Camilla relationship while both were married, but Diana wasn't so hot either. Most importantly, Diana's spitefulness wasn't simply because Charles fell back in with Camilla, it was also because the institution into which she married was not playing by her rules.

So is Mrs. Obama really getting "left overs"? Or is she meeting a woman who has the good grace to be a royal consort who doesn't need everything to be all about her?

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes I do. There is no comparison to Michelle Obama and the Queen or even Camilla. There is no glamour or intrigue. With Diana in the royal family there would have been. Charles and Camilla are ho hum. Also note the difference in the press coverage when Charles and Diana went to the US in 1985 vs Charles and Camilla's tour. Ho hum.

Now, Diana is long gone. Regardless of all her faults, spitefulness, not playing by the rules and turning a blind eye to Charles and Camilla. She made the monarchy look GOOD. She was an asset. Camilla is in the place Diana should have been. Yes, Camilla has done a good job - mainly by keeping herself quiet and not rocking the boat. You can call that good grace or allowing it to be all about Charles. She follows the rules and is BORING. Not taking advantage of the position she's been given to effect any change. There's no arguing that Charles and Camilla are happy together. She's good for him. The only criticism I've heard about Camilla is that she's not working as hard as other members of the family. Of course people can chalk it up to her being ill at times but she still lags behind. You can't say the same thing about Diana - she had the whole package, regardless of her faults.