Friday, February 29, 2008

The Trouble With Prince Harry

It was inevitable.

Reporting that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan was just too good a story to pass up. Even if it meant putting Harry and his comrades at risk. Some could say that he should never have been sent in the first place. That the danger was there all along. But initial reservations for his safety and that of the men he would serve with, were put aside. Official announcements were made, first they said he will, then they said he won't. If you can't believe a denial from top British Military officials, then what can you believe?

For all of wanting to serve, for not wanting to be left behind, for wishing he wasn't a prince. Harry needs to face the reality of his position. He's a marked man, if not in a war zone then in the life that he leads. Everything he does, from the moment his mother's pregnancy was announced in February 1984, to now is and will always be newsworthy.

He can't be blamed for wanting to serve. By doing so he's upholding a family tradition. He's not the first heir to serve, and he won't be the last. But it's the naivety of thinking he would get to do so like everyone else. Were he to end up in the wrong hands, one can only imagine the resources that would be spent and negotiations that would take place for his safe return. Some ordinary soldier indeed.

Because of this news, it's reported that he will end his tour of duty prematurely. Or will he? Until he returns to Britain, I won't hold my breath.

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Anonymous said...

watching Prince Harry on the news
he was so proud to serve his country it's something he has wanted to do since he was a child
it was refreshing to see how ordinary the scene was and he fit
right in ,cause thats all he wanted , its sad that the media
ruined it and i know as a royal hes a target, the Royal family is proud and if Diana was she would be

Marilyn Braun said...

I'm disappointed too. But I think that his being pulled out just illustrates and underlines how unordinary he is and always will be.

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy that he's out of harms way and back at home now. I know Diana is smiling down on her boys. He's done well and I'm sure The Queen will bestow an honor on him.