Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Diana Inquest: Will Kevin Bacon take the stand?


My eyes have obviously deceived me. CNN has reported that Diana's death was 'hot'murder and I read it as not murder.

For a moment it seemed that people had finally come to their senses, declaring what should have been obvious all along. Maybe my prescription has changed, maybe this is what I wanted to read. Maybe CNN should have been a little clearer with their headline. It's certainly eye catching. The phrase 'hot' murder comes from Mohammed Al Fayed, who took the stand at the Diana Inquest yesterday. Now we'll finally hear the truth according to Al Fayed. His outlandish theories have implicated amongst others, Prince Philip, Robert Fellowes - Diana's brother-in-law - and now her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, in the cover-up. Yes, these conspiracy theories are becoming like a game of Six-degrees of Kevin Bacon - all you need to do is open the right doors in Al Fayed's mind. Who knows? Maybe Kevin Bacon is involved too!

Yes, it could be fun to ponder. Unfortunately this isn't a joke or a game. Even if the Inquest takes on a farce like quality with each passing day. As the months have gone by the witness testimony has built up to this apex. These theories started with Mohammed Al Fayed, and it would be fitting for the Inquest to end with him. If only to remind everyone how much time and money has been wasted by indulging the grief of a man who chooses to blame everyone but himself.

He wanted his day in court and he's got it. But I hope he gets what he deserves.

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