Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Royal Report for Sunday February 3rd, 2008

Due to ill health (yes, I'm human) there will be no Royal Report tonight.

Please join me on February 10th, when the topic will be: Is the Queen too old to reign?




Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, Marilyn!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let The Queen's age fool you. She is very active and young at heart. Most recently, I was watching a program called The "Queen at 80" and it showed how dedicated she and her family is to Britain and the Commonwealth. You just wish that our country had that. America is a great nation but we don't demand enough from our Presidential families. The President's family should do more charity work and help represent the president at events. I know if I was President of United States, I would follow the example of The Queen. She is just a true leader and to see her nearing her 82 birthday and still be able to serve her people, is beyond remarkable.