Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Prince William makes himself useful

Certainly Prince William has a long time to wait before coming to the throne. What with the longevity of his grandmother. It makes sense for him to try on different careers for size. So far he's been photographed wearing a hard hat while holding something heavy, looking pensive in a school library, and writing the word 'Wombat' on a chalk board. Not only that, he's pushed paperclips at HSBC, worn dirty overalls, joined the military, and learnt how to fly a plane. Now he plans to become a journalist. And people say Kate Middleton has no focus.

I think it's great that he's making good use of his time. You can only go on so many exotic vacations before it becomes dull. Yes the monarch of tomorrow must be in touch with his subjects. Therefore a good grounding in all industries should be sufficient. He's paid lip-service to the environment, playing polo makes him understand sports, and stumbling out of clubs has made him understand the beverage industry. But there are several industries he hasn't covered yet. Here's some ways William can expand his skill set:

Hospitality: He can take a job at McDonald's

Healthcare: Sit in an emergency waiting room or a Doctor's office and see how it really works

Legal & Publishing: Look at his legal bill and he'll understand how creative expensive lawyers can be. He can combine this with Healthcare by chasing after ambulances

Transportation & Education: Drive a school bus and he'll kill two birds with one stone

Business: Sit in a corporate vice-president's office and see how little they really do for the money. Alternatively, sit at a secretaries desk and see how much they do for the money.

Travel: Uncle Andrew should be able to tell him all about it.

Music: Record a demo and send it in under an assumed name. See William, doors don't open as easily now do they?

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