Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upcoming Royal Report - Listener Mail

The next Royal Report will be on Sunday December 2nd, 2007.
5:00PM PST (8:00PM EST)


Anonymous said...

Great little clip Marilyn! Quite comical...which reminds me of a little discovery of mine recently...Little Britain. I downloaded one of their radio programs...very funny British comedy. Another fav of mine is Jeeves and Wooster (a superb program available on DVD. I ordered the whole series via and love love love it). Have you read Fergie's My Story? I thought it was very interesting and wonder if you'd read it.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes I have read Fergie's My Story and I quite enjoyed it. It's interesting to get a different perspective on royal life from someone who was on the inside. I felt a bit sorry for her with all that she had to go through. And also the end of her marriage to Andrew. They seemed like they were a real love match. From what Fergie has said about Andrew, it was.