Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Royal Report for Sunday November 25, 2007 - Has Kate Middleton become a royal doormat?


Anonymous said...

Well, I do think that Kate quite her job to for a good reson and not to wait around for William to pop the question. Which I think he will do soon. It is bad when people call her a doormat because they really don't know any other reason for her to quite her job. I'm sure William gets feed up when he reads such things. My prayers has always gone out to William & Kate and it always will. I'm just glad that they are doing things their own way and not being pressured by the media to do things. Most recently I was reading about The Queen Mothers former servant and he said that when Charles & Diana had got their divorce and Charles saw a picture of him & Diana in the servants house, he broke down in tears and said that they was so in love with each other and the whole thing was so sad. Why is Charles's love for Diana is soo doubted? Clearly people who knew them, knows that there was a lot of love there. I just don't understand it. What do you think Marilyn?

Anonymous said...

I just read the book: Sarah The Duchess of York: My Story. Sarah or better known as Fergie gives an insider view on what Kate's life may be like with regards to the media and also what life may very well be like if she and Prince William do indead marry one day. I believe this Reilly character wrote a nasty article about Kate which I think epitomizes irresponsible and hateful reporting - if you can call it that. The only truth to his article is that he is unworthy to write about anyone with any dignity. It's nothing but hurtful. I appreciate your weekly podcast by the way and wish you all the best!

Marilyn Braun said...


Maybe Charles and Diana were in love with each other when they married. It's hard to say but by what I've read I just think that Charles was always going to be distracted by Camilla and not give his marriage a proper chance.


Thanks very much for your comments on my podcast - I appreciate them!
Yes I do think that Robin Riley's article just shows how easy it is to tear someone down and judge them when we don't have the whole story. It would have been harder for her to write a good article - does anyone want to hear good things? No, Kate bashing is fashionable and Riley's article is an extension of that. It's really a shame.