Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Royal Report for Sunday November 11, 2007 - Has Camilla finally gained acceptance?

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Anonymous said...

Well Marilyn, that is a very interesting question. Most recently I was reading a interview that one of The Queen's close friends gave on the subject of the big anniversary that's coming up and she did mention that The Queen & Prince Philip is not fans of Camilla but they notice that things are okay for right now. She also said that The Queen knows Camilla will never be loved by the public like Diana was. This is very true. It just that Diana and Camilla have different spirits and we experienced Diana's more because of her being The Princess of Wales for so long. There are many people who have met Camilla, say's she is funny, warm and charming. I have no doubt that she is but when you see Charles in public, you think about Diana a lot. Her peputation will never be a big one but she makes The Prince of Wales happy and to a lot of people, that is all that matters.