Saturday, August 19, 2006

Royal Baby Names

I'm expecting my second child in early December (when I'll have time to update this blog, and look after a toddler and newborn is something I have to figure out, but I digress) and one of the most important things to consider is the name of the baby. You may not have guessed yet but I'm a bit of a royalty buff and I named my first child after a princess. She happened to have been born on the same day as Princess Grace Patricia of Monaco so, with my husband suggesting the name Grace (just because he liked it), I decided to add Patricia for good measure - it will make a nice story and maybe some of my fascination with royalty will rub off on her.

I don't actually know the sex of my baby but I've been considering some regal names. Hoping it's another girl I have Elizabeth, Alexandra, Diana, Alice, Beatrice and Victoria on my list. With the exception of Elizabeth, none of these names currently exist in my husband's family or my own. I could be like royalty and simply choose all of these names, not completly unheard of (see Royal Christenings), but it might not fit very easily on a birth certificate or cross stitch sampler. And also my daughter might get jealous (Why does my sister have six names and I only have two?). Yes, best to just limit it to two.

As for a boy, my choices are somewhat more limited. William and Harry are current family names. I'm not a huge fan of Albert, or Edward and Charles Braun might invite comparisons to Charlie Brown. I haven't considered Philip or Andrew but now that I think about it, they're not bad names at all. Right now I'm leaning towards Erik (my husband likes Eric) - a good, solid Scandinavian name with Danish royal connections - it also happens to mean 'All-Ruler'.

Unlike royalty, I'm not constricted by historical precedent (see The Christian Tradition Continues) or having to please someone like Queen Victoria, whose edict was for all of her decendents to have Victoria or Albert amongst their given names. Of the names I've chosen, only Elizabeth has conflicts; it's the name of my mother-in-law. She goes by Betty, but it didn't stop her from suggesting it the first time. Would she be capable of telling people the baby was named after the Queen and not her? I doubt it.

Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like names with more than two syllables, names that can be misspelled, have multiple spellings, or can be abbreviated, so most of the female royal names are out of the question unless I wear him down between now and December. Maybe after the baby comes, a lack of sleep might just do the trick and I'll get Erik or Elizabeth Alexandra.

Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marilyn have you thought of using Alexander or George for a boy? or maybe Richard girls names are easier but whatever the sex I'm sure the baby will be beautiful and regal.

Marilyn Braun said...

Thank you Trudie! I hadn't considered Alexander or Richard - I actually think Alexander is quite nice. George seems to be a bit outdated to me. I've also thought of David too. I don't know why but it IS easier with girls names, so much more choice. If only my husband would lighten up on the whole one syllable name issue! :o)

Anonymous said...

Tell your husband if it's one syllable he wants, it will just have to be Maud! (Was Princess Alice Maud the first one with that name? Why did Queen Victoria choose it?)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Marilyn! I like the names Erik and Elizabeth a lot. Diana is a nice strong name, too.

I'm trying to think of other male British royal male names -- I suppose there are Arthur, Christian, Anthony, Louis (all secondary names of the Queen's sons). Or Henry instead of Harry. But most of those are old-fashioned.

Anonymous said...


I really like Beatrice and Erik. Other possibilities for boys could be Karl, Leo, & Ivan -- seems like these might pass the test with your husband, at least. :)

Also, if the name's current popularity matters to you at all, I've gone through the most popular US names of 2005 and picked out all the royals I recognized, so maybe that will prove helpful.

Good luck, and let us know what you choose. :)

Marilyn Braun said...

Anonymous: There's a name I hadn't thought of!!, you're right it doe fit the criteria! :)

The name Maud is a variant of Mathilde, which if memory serves me correct, does have some early examples (prior to Alice Maud) in the British royal family.

Cinderella: Thanks Cinderella! Diana and even Beatrice are names that you don't tend to hear very often, which is part of the appeal of them. I really like Christian. When I was thinking of names I didn't consider the secondary names of the children of the Queen. I guess there's more to choose from than I thought! :)

Nancy: Thanks for the list, once again I didn't realize there were so many royal names. Plenty to choose from! I'd just been focusing on the immediate family (well, with the exception of Victoria).

It's funny, of the first three boys names you've suggested, Karl is the name of my husband! :) One of the reasons he wants names that can't be spelled multiple ways is because he's spent most of his life correcting people who spell Karl with a C.

Anonymous said...

for a boy's name i suggest Leopold, Louis, and Richard. very masculine names. you got the girl's name covered. aside from the baby being beautiful and regal, i wish him/her to be healthy and normal.

Anonymous said...

I am partial to Sonja since that is my daughter's name. She also shares the same July 4 birthday with Queen Sonja of Norway. But it is a name with variant spellings and the poor child must be gracious about cards and gifts from her own relatives addressed to Sonya, Sonia and even Sonny!

Anonymous said...

I never thought that you were so young. You have a matured writing style and I always thought that you were an old person (no offence).
I agree with your husband's idea of not liking ' names with more than two syllables, names that can be misspelled, have multiple spellings, or can be abbreviated,'.

Kelly Curtis said...

You have exciting (and exhausting) times ahead! Congratulations!

And thanks for commenting in my Mackinac post;)

Anonymous said...


I have three given names and two last names (I tacked my husband's last name on to the end of my existing name, hence the two) whereas he has five given names plus the one last name.

This would seem to be common among some groups here, having that many names. You could always say it was inspired by an internet friend... :D

Oh! My cat is named after royalty. Oberon. King of the Faeries. ;)