Friday, June 12, 2015

Swedish Royal Wedding: Princess Sofia and the magical royal wedding ring

When Prince Carl Philip of Sweden marries Sofia Hellqvist tomorrow, you will see a transformation worthy of a direct to DVD movie.

His bride-to-be, Sofia Hellqvist has taken a lot of flack for her background. I won't go into it, but suffice to say bikinis and strategically placed boa constrictors are not the stuff of fairy tales. No, fairy tales involve perfection, of someone toiling away until a prince/princess raises them from an obscurity we need to approve of. If we don't approve of it, well then it is open season until the royal wedding ring goes on the finger.

Royal wedding rings have magical properties. They can turn a partying single mother into the Crown Princess of Norway, make people forget the Queen of Spain was previously married or that Prince Daniel of Sweden was once a *gasp* personal trainer! These rings can even turn Camilla Parker Bowles into a respectable member of the royal family. That's how powerful they are!


And just like magic, Sofia Hellqvist's ring will make her Princess Sofia of Sweden. We will ooohhh and awww over the wedding dress, how beautiful and regal she looks. How romantic everything is. We may even blog about the wonderful royal wedding when only days before we were sniping about her unsuitable background. Eventually, as all new princesses do, she will become a style icon and make it to Vanity Fair's International Best dressed list. In time, if given the chance, instead of diminishing the monarchy, she may even become a credit to it.

Pay attention when the ring goes on Sofia's finger. You won't believe your eyes!

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Anonymous said...

What you're saying is so true. I was thinking about precisely the same thing. However, I think the newly minted Princess Sofia will carry the "former glamour model" soubriquet for a little longer because her former occupation was a bit more colorful than any of her counterparts, including Crown Princess Mette-Marit. At least whatever M-M did she did in private. But it's true that in a short time no one will even remember the former Ms. Helqvist was nothing but Prince Carl Philip's wife. That's the power of a wedding ring! It's like a magic wand, isn't it? Sweden has taken quite a leap from the times when Prince Bertil had to wait more than 30 years to marry Princess Lilian just because she was a commoner. (She was also divorced which in those days was anathema, but nevertheless, 30 years is a long time to wait for anything!) I'm glad there is someone out there blogging about royalty that has a grip on reality. Keep up the good work!

Marilyn Braun said...

Thank you for your kind words. :)

Yes, I think Sofia hasn't completely escaped the past but I think that will fade over time. She is already getting the Hello! treatment - downplay the negative and never say anything bad about anyone.

I think the days of royalty choosing duty over love are done. As they should be. Everyone deserves happiness, including royalty! I feel sorry for past royalty such as Prince Bertil who had to wait such a long time to marry his true love. The world did not come crashing down afterwards, now did it? I would hope that royal watchers would want to see happy royals, not miserable ones!

I'm hoping that people will put the past aside and give Sofia a chance to prove herself. Everyone deserves a second chance but time will tell.