Sunday, August 25, 2013

Andrew and Sarah together again? Never Say Never

I recall July 23, 1986 vividly. Staying up all night to watch the royal wedding, setting the VCR on top of that so that I could replay the ceremony later.

Andrew and Sarah's wedding was the first royal event that I actually took an interest in. Charles and Diana's wedding, despite being a global event, wasn't even on my radar. It would take the birth of Prince William to spark my interest. And after that I was hooked.

Although I was only 14 at the time, I always thought that I would marry Prince Andrew one day. Suffice to say my disappointment when his engagement to Sarah Ferguson was announced. But I avidly paid attention in the run up, prepared myself to stay up so that I could watch the wedding live. And I wasn't disappointed.

I remember how lovely Sarah looked in her wedding dress. How her wedding dress shone and her eyes flashed at various guests as she walked up the aisle of Westminster abbey towards Prince Andrew at the altar. They looked so happy together. Unlike Charles and Diana. After the ceremony I watched them on the balcony at Buckingham Palace waving and laughing and looking gloriously happy. As the crowd called out for them to kiss, they jokingly pretended not to hear. When they finally did kiss, the roar of the crowd said it all. This was a marriage to celebrate and to last.

Sarah Ferguson, Fergie, was lauded as a breath of fresh air to the royal family. The antithesis of the thin and increasingly sad looking Diana. And then it all started to go wrong for Fergie. Not helping matters by not being as perfect or fashionable as Diana, gaining weight, and most glaringly of all, being herself. Leading to embarrassing herself and having affairs. Her autobiography details her downfall in raw detail. But despite all of these events, one thing seemed to be clear. Andrew still loved and supported Fergie. And almost 30 years later, continues to do so.

So it is no great surprise when there are rumors that they will get remarried. The rumors come about every so often. I personally think it is only a matter of time before this happens. Whether it be in the near future or once the present reign ends is hard to say. But I do think that Andrew and Sarah make each other happy, and always have.

The idea that they might get remarried is met with criticism, even derision. "Look at how foolish she has acted in the past!" "the lack of judgement during and after her marriage", "How can Andrew continue to enable her?" Yes, her history is unforgiving isn't it? But let's also remember that she isn't the first royal to have an affair (unfortunately, not the last either). At the same time, Charles was carrying on with Camilla and embarrassing the royal family in his own way. And most would agree that his position in line is far more important than Andrew's. Yet why the double standard? Why do people forget and forgive the past with one brother and not the other? If someone had suggested Charles and Camilla get married in the 1990s, how much scoffing and derision would that have met with? Yet they did get married and look at them today. Why is it different with Andrew and Sarah?

Regardless of what 'royal sources' would have people believe, we will never really know what goes on behind closed doors with Andrew and Sarah. We can only speculate. I hope, for their sakes, they do find happiness together. Regardless of public opinion, I think it is only a matter of time before they do get remarried.

I may not have a VCR, but should it happen, I look forward to staying up and watching it all over again.

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Joyce Lamela said...

I like Fergie too, I did not share the reservations felt by the public toward Fergie. For me she is just a human being who made some mistakes in her life but just like the rest of us she has a nice side too. Hope to see her and Prince Andrew together in the years to come.

I included the news about the couple as one of my favorite royal news for 2013 in my blog