Monday, July 29, 2013

Prince George, it's never too early to become the poster child for something

Prince George! Congratulations on your parents giving you a name! What a relief to those new parents waiting so they could name their own babies after you! Your aden + anais swaddle blankets sold out before you got home. Look at you already setting an example without realizing it. Good boy!

Clearly we need to harness this power! Think of the possibilities! Like your mother making it okay for new mothers to not instantly lose baby weight before leaving hospital, you are already the poster child for how not to strap your newborn into a car seat in front of the world media. Look at the photos, even YOU didn't look happy about it. Now newborns everywhere will know that they don't have to settle for anything less than complete safety.

Then there's food. You alone influence whether newborn babies breastfeed or not. If it is OK for you it is OK for other newborns. However, had you decided breastfeeding wasn't for you, that would have been OK too. In time, you can influence when new parents should start solid foods, eventually wean their babies and eat their vegetables. You're royal, forget being a picky eater. It. Just. Isn't. Done.

Can we talk about circumcision? Apparently your grandfather, Prince Charles was but your father wasn't. Of course this is a personal decision which you, unfortunately, have absolutely no control over. Suffice to say all of the doctors and rabbis poised with their Mogen clamps await your wails for the go-ahead.

What are you waiting for? Wake up Georgie, you can't stay in swaddle blankets forever! Like your mother's clothing, there are people out there, who can't dress their babies or potty train them. They desperately need your guidance!

Being a week old is no excuse. Only YOU can lead the way. Whether you like it or not.

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