Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to face reality, maybe Catherine Cambridge isn't cut out to be royal

Let's face it, maybe Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge isn't cut out to be royal.

Sure one could say she's still on the learning curve but so far it doesn't look good for Catherine. It seems the royals have reason to be concerned. In fact, this could be bigger than the abdication crisis.

The problem?

Catherine is too independent. She still has silly ideas about 'doing things herself'.  Days after her wedding, when we saw her at the supermarket, pushing her own trolley, it wasn't just an act. She  genuinely seems to be resisting conforming to the royal way of doing things.

From the time of her engagement to the wedding day she was supposed to get all of that out of her system. Doesn't she know that once she has the wedding ring on her finger she was supposed to give all of that up?

(*Gasp*) I'll bet she still squeezes her own toothpaste!

That's semi-acceptable in private, but when she's in public it's an issue. For instance, on her upcoming trip to Canada and the United States, Catherine will not be bringing a dresser with her. Unsurprisingly, this is eliciting shocked responses from the media. Doesn't she know that dressing herself just isn't done?

Queen Victoria must be rolling over in her grave.

If Catherine wants to survive in the royal system, she has to learn a new way of not doing things for herself. A special type of learned helplessness exclusive to royalty. No longer should her hands touch a door-handle. Running her own bath? Forget it. Using her own utensils is borderline. Allowable only after she's been shown the royal way of not using them. Have you ever seen a photo of the Queen holding a fork? I rest my case.

There are encouraging signs. Thankfully she's come to her senses and is bringing a hairdresser along. She's already unlearnt how to use a brush. Given time, she'll unlearn how to do her own makeup.

Maybe just maybe, there's hope for her yet.

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0 said...

Looking at the long term though. . . once she is Princess of Wales, I imagine she will be so busy that she will require a staff to do most of these things for her. And after being so independent all her life (Prince William, as well, to an extent), I wonder how she will cope with losing it. Everyone talks about how she "knows what to expect" because she dated William for so long, but does she really? The life they had while dating, and the life they have now, is not what they will have in the long term picture.

denise said...

I agree with Terese. I think she and William have a unique living situation which does not place alot of demands on them right at this moment. They should enjoy the private time they have as a couple before they are propelled into full-time Royal life when they become the Prince and Princess of Wales. (doesn't it sound just wonderful to even say that again and have it apply so well to such a great couple as William and Kate...marvelous!) Which is why I am just as fine with them waiting a while before starting a family. Especially, while William is still engaged full time in the military. Do not want the start of their marriage to be a repeat of the Duke and Duchess of York's by any means. I still just shake my head whenever the Duchess talks about how she only saw Prince Andrew 40 days a year. Sad...just sad. Once Prince William and Kate become Prince and Princess of Wales they will then have to make that enormous leap into the "The Firm" with both feet. Honestly, it looks like their marriage is proving to be much like King George the VI and Queen Elizabeth, loving and peaceful with no drama. So as faithful supporters we should do whatever we can to encourage them to let them live they way the want to live, which is in peace and quiet.

Hopewell said...

With Granny/G'Papa 85 and 90 the time will come too fast for her to be overwhelmed with kids and royal duty--at that time of course she'll have to have staff. Still, I hope whenever possible they give the nanny the night/weekend off and live like a modern family.Even a future king can make Saturday breakfast! It would do the House of Windsor so much good to have some hands-on parents. Not to mention loving marriages!!

Marilyn Braun said...

I think the time will come when William and Kate will require staff. They may enjoy living like normal newlyweds at the moment but it's unrealistic to expect things to stay the way they are now.

While I applaud their desire to keep costs down and economize, I tend to wonder just how much of this is PR spin. If this is the case then I think it will backfire when they actually DO need to hire staff or buy new clothes. You can see it in the coverage of Kate's clothes - being lauded for recycling and economizing on clothing but also being chastized for doing so. They can't win but there has to be a happy medium somewhere. Maintaining a level of personal independance within the royal system. I hope for their sake they find it.