Friday, June 04, 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Engagement?

According to a recent blog post by Tina Brown, today was supposed to be the day that William and Kate finally announced their engagement to the world. Right now I'm picturing Prince William kicking back and relaxing while the media goes into overdrive and people like me blog about it. Maybe Prince William is reading the papers and going online, texting Kate to see who can locate the silliest headline first.

As I write this post it is currently 6:47PM in London. I don't know about over there but that's quitting time in North America. The time that people go home to their families and have dinner. However, the day is not over in the UK and there's still time to spare. So we wait until 11:59PM and a last minute reprieve to put us out of our misery.Yes, William's people are just waiting to spring the news on all of us when we least suspect it. Here in Canada it could be cause for a celebration for more reason than one - a Friday, an engagement announcement and warm sunny weather! Boo Yeah!

While we wait, reporters twitter about Tina Brown's credibility. People bought her revelation hook, line-and-sinker and that's when the dissection started: other reporters jealously questioned her sources and thoroughly checked William's and the Queen's diaries for available time to make the announcement. Some wondered if she'd made the prediction to increase traffic to her site. Then there were fears, what if she might actually be  *gasp* right! Well, according to one reporter: 'Tina Brown's reputation is riding on her prediction."  Today, self-satisfied and commenting: "it was never going to happen today."  Like the Duchess of York, is Tina Brown throwing herself at the mercy of friends and  'leaving anguished messages' on their answering machines too?

While it's true that the changes of an engagement announcement on Friday are unlikely, it isn't 12:00AM in the UK just yet.

To quote Prince William, we just have to ''wait and see".

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