Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some Royal Questions and Answers

I love receiving royal questions and answering them. Some of them have inspired full articles, other times the questions only require a short answer. This is unfortunate since they are no less interesting. Sometimes I can't answer them, whether it's due to the scope or lack of expertise. In those cases I try to point the person in the right direction. I've decided to post some of the questions and answers. I hope you enjoy them.

Do you know the exact manufacturer and the name of Diana's wedding china that she chose?

As far as I can locate: Royal Worcester Evesham. You may want to confirm this with the General Trading Company where she was registered at the time of her wedding.

I have an item I'd like to sell [insert item description]. Can you tell me the value of it?

No. I'm not an expert on royal commemoratives. You may want to check with a local antique dealer who sells royal commemoratives, they might be able to assist. You could also try a search on eBay to see if someone is selling this item or one similar.

What do Prince Edward and Princess Sophie do? I have heard nothing about them for a long time in the media or blogs.

Any current information and activities of members of the royal family can be found by going to the official site: http://www.royal.gov.uk/

I have some royal ancestors/history in my family. Can you tell me more about this?

Lucky you! No, I can't help with this. You may want to check out a genealogist or possibly a royal historian, they might be able to help you.

I've seen pictures of certain jewellery (brooches, earrings, rings..) worn by Camilla/The Queen, can you tell me more about the them?

I've written a few articles about royal jewels and tiaras. While the Queen does wear familiar brooches, some of Camilla's jewels are new or have never been worn publicly(or we haven't paid attention until now). Some of the "newer" brooches the Queen has worn might have come from the collection of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother or are redesigned older pieces. There are some very good books on royal jewels in general that you may find useful (see related links)There are also several threads on royal jewels at The Royal Forums (Scroll down). You might find your answer there.

Do you know where Kate Middleton is?

I wish I had that kind of insider information! Unfortunately I don't. For the best source of Kate updates go to The Kate Middleton Report - All Kate, all the time.

At what time did the British monarchy lose executive power over the United Kingdom? Why did this happen, and who was head of state at the time?


Has the roles of Princesses changed over time? (Are they considered more important today than they were yesterday?) What must a Princess do to gain popularity? Are there any qualities she should possess to win people’s hearts?

You know, there's nothing more satisfying that cracking open a book and doing your own homework...

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