Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Royal Report: Is Kate destined to remain a royal wedding guest?

Kate has recently attended her second royal wedding this year, sparking fresh speculation on an engagement. Will Kate become a royal bride or is she destined to remain a royal wedding guest?

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Anonymous said...

Marilyn, your report was good and I enjoyed it. Like I said on BRW that William & Kate is keeping everybody on their toes and on the edge of their seats. As we know now that William will finish up his training soon and he will be back on Friday. All royal experts are saying that an engagement should come later this year or early next year but they will do this their way and that is driving the media and royal experts crazy. William and the Royal family is including her into the royal calendar and showing everybody that she will be his wife someday. William will be taking on more engagements and she will be there to support him like she is doing already. The National World News throw people off about a 2010 wedding because William will be busy on engagements and learning the royal ropes but they seem to forget that he knows a lot already and he's not clueless on how the Monarchy works. The engagement will come in due time after he ends his naval training. Which is one reason why he is ending it now so he will have the time to do the pre-engagement interviews and etc. Kate is now a longtime companion to William and her attending royal events like The Garter service and royal weedings and the wing ceremony tells us all that she is following in the footsteps of The Countess of Weesex and Camilla. They both were by their Prince's sides at events before their engagements. So 2008/2009 is becoming very interesting and very exciting. I thought you was very funny to use my words "Chelsy should check herself before she wreak herself." I think Harry has calmed her down now. She has a lot to learn and she is young. I know she is very use to have these wild parties but there are eyes everywhere and she must be careful. William & Harry will have their own offices soon and will start making a lot of changes so we are all looking forward to the events to come. Prince Charles will be celebrating his 60th birthday this year and it is said that there will be a concert and other birthday events so I know Kate and Chelsy will be part of it and we look forward to that as well. Again, good job on the report and have a good day.