Friday, July 11, 2008

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at Chelsy Davy

I'm not normally one to pay too much attention to Chelsy Davy. Nor am I one to defend her. The way I figure it, in a few years she will be a footnote in royal girlfriend history. People who think she will be a royal bride are deluding themselves. No amount of rebranding will change that. But that's just my opinion. She could stand the test of time for all we know. I highly doubt it.

A recent post on the World of Royalty blog links to a story called Is this how a princess should behave? The article features photos of Chelsy being, well, the Chelsy the media presents to us: party-hearty, university student, whooping it up, cigarette and drink in hand. With nary Prince Harry in sight, looking less than sober, she is photographed on a man's shoulders, sitting in a tree, laughing and kissing one of her friends. A good time was obviously had by all. Until these photos were published.

It's nothing new to see photos of Chelsy looking bleary-eyed. For everything positive said about Kate Middleton, Chelsy is criticized. Maybe my opinion on Chelsy comes from these stories. Chelsy could be the most wonderful person in the world but you wouldn't know it by the press coverage she gets. The 'fag-smoking South African boozer' torn down by the media then raised up when she looks sober. A dizzying and humiliating roller-coaster. Chelsy must love Prince Harry in order to put up with it.

Is this how a princess should behave? Let's not forget that she's not a princess. Yet. Neither is Kate Middleton. Would we have seen photos of Princess Elizabeth, Princess Alexandra, Princess Anne or even Diana partying it up? Nope. In Princess Margaret's day, her long cigarette holders, 'racy' attitude, and heady romances was seen as scandalous. But this is a different generation. One filled with unscrupulous friends and camera phones. Now we're all flies on the wall.

Enjoy the show, from your glass house, while it lasts.

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Anonymous said...

Well no one is saying that she isn't nice, I'm sure she is but I just mentioned on BRW that Chelsy need to "check herself before she wreck herself". Even though they aren't Princesses yet, they need to know that you can have your fun but be careful because the press is on these girls like "White on rice" and acting like that won't win you an Oscar. A camera is always at hand and acting to wild won't go down well with the public. So although some are saying that Catherine is giving her talken to, Harry is the one that need to talk to her and calm her down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to today's society, no matter what Chelsy does, she will be considered a celebrity and will be dissected every step of the way because A.) she has great wealth and B.) is very likely to embarrass herself in public. Her father is also allegedly notorious. Those seem to be the requirements for fame. I guess if that's what sells magazines.....

Being Harry's girlfriend just makes it all the sweeter for the press. To me, there is no debate regarding her suitability as a future royal anything. Marilyn is right - Chelsy will be nothing more than a blip in princely girlfriend history.

Anonymous said...

A spoiled little rich girl, who needs to grow a ton if she wants to stay serious with a prince. If she doesn't intend on doing so, then she is a normal university kid having fun while growing. But this is not Princess material. Don't compare her to Kate, there is none!
Kate at least is reserved, lady like and knows how to keep her mouth shut and stay out of the limelight.
She is princess material, and should be in training by now!

Anonymous said...

Kate wore underwear in public. Kate has been seen drunk but your blog,like the common-kate-press ignores it. Kate is nothing but someone William is learning the ways of the boudiour with,she's his vacation booty-call.