Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does Kate Middleton know what she's getting herself into?

Don't get me wrong, I, along with other royal bloggers, news sources, souvenir makers, poet laureates, wedding dress designers, and rabid royal watchers, would love to see an engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

But I have to wonder, after 5 years of dating William, of slowly making public appearances at official events, whether she has any idea of what she's getting herself into. Sure, we can glamorize marrying into the royal family, never having to worry about money, the golden page in the history books, designers falling at your feet, the priceless jewels, vast estates, travelling the world...

But for every perk comes a price: the complete loss of freedom, being watched 24/7 for the rest of her life, the tedious engagements which will eventually mean more to everyone else but her. The awful biographies and straight-to-video movies. Media outlets which will knock Kate from her pedestal as soon as she says "I do". Not to mention the pressure to stay thin, beautiful and fashionable as every inch is scrutinized. She'll be criticized for doing nothing more that breathing. And like the reality of having a child, Kate won't know any of this until it happens.

It won't be easy. If she's lucky, William will be nothing like his father. She'll have Prince William's love. There will be times Kate will doubt herself, but she'll always have the suport of Hello! and Majesty magazine. If Kate's smart she won't listen to any of it.

But she will be adored. She'll be in a position to make a difference. She'll bring the proverbial breath of fresh air like those royal brides who have come before her. Kate will be loved for who people think she is or who they want her to be. She'll be the ultimate cover girl and we won't be able to get enough of her. Hopefully William can live with that.

Can Kate?

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