Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Royal Report for September 9th - Prince Charles, born to be king. But should he be?


Anonymous said...


I have to say I have listened to your Royal Reports and they were very good and fuuny. Yes Charles should become king. Although he has been through a lot in his private life, he has all the qualities that a King should have. The Diana bashing will always continue because people think that people like me who was inspired by her, make her out to be a saint and that's not true at all. Diana was no saint but was a person that lead from the heart not the head or from any rule book. Her legacy is her children and her work which will never be forgotten. People are going crazy over the stories about Kate but the fact is that they are together but are the relationship one day at a time, which is key. I do believe that they will get married soon but we will just have to sit and wait. They did take a vacation together in July so I know they have discussed this. What do you think? I do see a wedding in the works.

Marilyn Braun said...

Hi Claudius,

Thank you for listening to my show! always happy to have confirmation that I'm not just talking to myself. ;)

If William and Kate are back together (I actually do hope that they are) then it would be great if they stay together. I don't exactly know why I feel this way - after all, I don't know either one of them. But I really love happy endings and I wish the best for both of them.