Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Royal Report for September 2, 2007 - Royal Tell-Alls


Sofia said...

Good show again Marilyn! I loved how you presented the topic, you're definitely spot on at how many royal watchers who want to present themselves as very serious would never admitt to reading "tell all books" :)

I myself for example, highly dislike the way for example Paul Burrell has made money out of Diana and think he's a digrace to the butler corps internationally. But I still have his book "A Royal Duty". The only one of his books I have though, I so dislike him that I don't want to support him further by the royalties he would get if I'd buy more of his stuff.

And oh you're so right, it's not the same listening to your show the next day over here. But I was to tired yesterday that I just couldn't manage to stay up.

Marilyn Braun said...

No problem Sophia, I completely understand! I was truly honored to hear that you stayed up to listen to the show when you did.