Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Diana Investigation: Is it really over?

Although this hasn't been posted on the official inquest site, it has been announced that Diana's death has been ruled an accident. Two days before this news I became inspired to write about all of the unanswered questions surrounding Diana's death. I can't really do that now can I? Couldn't everyone have waited until I could post a timely article? I guess I thought I had more time, you know how these things tend to drag out. Too bad, it was going to be a thought provoking yet satirical article if I'd gotten around to writing it.

Personally if the inquest is truly over, I'm glad. Not that I was paying much attention to begin with. I admit to being somewhat intrigued by the grisly details, and the possible pregnancy rumors, but the Prince Philip and Prince Charles conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Then: Prince Charles was way too busy wooing Camilla and making copies of his infamous Chinese diaries. Now: Married to Camilla, he's too busy trying to prevent their publication. Then: Prince Philip was too busy telling Charles off about something to worry about Diana and her lover. Now: he's too busy telling Prince Charles off about his diaries to care about the results.

So here's as far as I'd gotten with my draft, where I ask questions which are now quite redundant. Other than spending a lot of money and wringing every last drop out of Diana's memory, what did all of this really accomplish? Okay, maybe that's the only real thought provoking question I wanted to ask. But I did have other filler questions: Does this honor the memory of the victims? Will Mohammed Al Fayed take down his tacky statue of Dodi and the semi-clad Diana? Will someone please ask him to? Will people stop writing tell-all books, magazine articles, and making made-for-TV movies? The answer to most of these questions is No.

Despite the findings, I'm certain that people will continue to think that her death was more than an accident. After all, she was supposed to grow old gracefully and continue her charity work. Diana would have been proud at William's wedding and holding her first grandchild. She would have looked glamorous and regal at his Coronation. Later on, revered as unofficial Queen Mother, she would have died of extreme old age in luxurious surroundings. How could a drunk driver and not wearing a seat-belt kill her?

Like the Kennedy assassination, there will always be speculation; the Warren Commission findings did not end the questions. The Diana investigation will not end the questions either. Was Henri Paul drunk? Was he part of the French Secret Service? Were his blood samples switched? Was Diana murdered?.....

With misinformation and conflicting reports, we'll never know.

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Othmar Vohringer said...

As far as I am concerned Diana is dead and she should rest in peace. She was not the angle and chartitable person the press tried to make her. She was clodly calculating with a keen eye on the Throne of England.

But the many theories of conspiracy of the royal familiy in her demise are didicules, perhaps even an attempt to make diana a saint. Indeed there have been attempts made in the past to declare her an official saint. ??

May Diana rest in peace and let the royal family carry on with their lives. If Charles would have not been forced to marry Diana he would have had a happier live, which he has now with the love of hos life Camila. Also Diana would have been spared a sad life and a sorry end.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes, Diana should be allowed to rest in peace. It's over and done with and regardless of the results, it won't change anything. No one will be held accountable, so what's the point?

I think Diana knew how to use the media to her advantage in a calculated way. She wasn't a saint, and several people who'd worked for her said she knew a good photo opportunity when she saw it.

With regards to the conspiracy theories, Mohammed Al Fayed (Dodi's father) has been the most vocal in promoting them. One, because he lost a son and two because he's railing against the establishment which hasn't accepted him. I don't believe that he's doing it just because he lost his son, Mohammed Al Fayed is a showman and knows how to manipulate.

At the time of Diana's death, in the media, there were some 'reports' to make Diana a saint. She died in the same week as Mother Theresa and she was being held on par with her in many ways because she'd walked through a mine-field, held sick babies, and shook the hand of an AIDS patient. There was no comparison but in the heightened emotions at the time, the view of her became skewed. It's just like when a celebrity dies, say John Ritter, and becomes a 'comic genuis' while when he was alive he was a minor player.

I agree that Charles and Diana shouldn't have married, but we wouldn't have William and Harry if they hadn't. At the time, Camilla was not suitable, so marrying her wasn't an option. Right or wrong, Charles and Camilla went through a lot to be together, but ultimately they're happier, and it's nice to see. They shouldn't have to live under the shadow of Diana for the rest of their lives. Nor should the royal family for that matter.

Diana's dead, life goes on.

Othmar Vohringer said...

That is very well said Marilyn. The only thing I like to add to this is that Diana did to some point steer herself in the direction of Mother Theresa, it is widely accepted knowledge that her visit to India's Taj-Mahal and the vist with Mother Theresa where calculated "career management" moves. People who have worked under her have said out under oath that she was quit ruthless in the pursuit of her interests.

Othmar Vohringer aka huntwriter