Monday, December 19, 2005

The Queen's To-Do list for Christmas

√ Record Christmas speech

√ Send Christmas cards

√ Wrap 550 employee gifts

√ Buy more wrapping paper, tape and stamps

√ Re-gift fruitcake

√ Put dustcovers over the furniture at BP

√ Pack for Sandringham

√ Put lights up at Sandringham

√ Buy kris kringle gift for Princess Michael

√ Choose menu for dinner

√ Make sure there are enough Christmas crackers this year

√ Rent It's a Wonderful Life

√ Roast chestnuts over an open fire

√ Hang stockings with care

√ Buy Mistletoe

√ Decorate Christmas tree

√ I'm NOT Martha Stewart! Buy mince pies, trifle, and Christmas pudding this year

√ Make sure camera has plenty of film


© Marilyn Braun 2005


Anonymous said...

Is this meant to be amusing? I rather think that the queen wouldn't stoop to wrap gifts or rent movies or any of these other bizarre things on the "list".

(shakes head in puzzlement)

And you have nothing better to do?

Marilyn Braun said...

Dear Morag,

Here's hoping that Santa gets you to lighten up a bit!

Happy Holidays!

Marilyn :o)