Monday, May 29, 2017

William, Catherine and Harry are making a difference. It was worth the wait.

Like many royal watchers, I woke up to this photo on my twitter timeline. It is always exciting to see a new photo of the Cambridge family, given that they are so rarely released. When they are they are carefully controlled images with staged informality. As with everything the Cambridges do (or don't do), opinion is divided and I can see why. Although everyone looks happy, neither child is facing the camera and the black and white makes it look stark. Not your traditional royal family photo.

The image accompanies a British GQ cover story about William as part of his Heads Together mental health campaign. The issue will not be released until later in the week but we have been given a taste of topics covered in William's candid interview; including coping with his mother's death, the importance of family and removing the stigma surrounding mental health.

In the past the royal family have been touted for their 'stiff upper lip,' rarely showing any emotion or publicly discussing private matters. While we will never read the Queen's true thoughts about this interview (or anything else for that matter), the current generation of royals is more forthcoming. Mainly when it involves issues they want to promote.

Raising awareness about mental health and working to reduce the stigma is an important and worthy cause. Mental illness, either directly or indirectly affects each and every one of us. My own family included. William, Catherine and Harry have been criticized in the past for not using their global platform effectively. By heavily promoting this cause they are finally making a difference.

It was worth the wait.

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