Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Media media go away, come back on Pippa's wedding day

Huzzah Pippa Middleton, the one with the famous rear-end, the one that royal watchers enjoy denigrating at every turn for her unsuccessful endeavors and lack of career goals, the one people can't seem to move on from, no matter how hard they might haphazardly try, is engaged to be married to Hedge-Fund beau with a tragic past, James Matthews.

Snooze you lose, Harry!

Even when the engagement was just an unfounded rumor, the speculation began...

Will Prince Harry or the Queen attend the wedding?
Will George and Charlotte be part of the wedding party?
Is Pippa's gigantic engagement ring bigger and more valuable than Kate's haunted engagement ring?
What type of dress will Pippa wear?
Will there be photos of the big day in Hello!? (Pippa, answer the door. They're outside as we speak)

The breathless speculative questions are endless. It's as if she is royal and this is of some sort of significance. Unless she is marrying Prince Harry (even then), it isn't headline news. Especially not when there are greater things to focus on. Like how Larry, 'Chief Mouser' of Downing Street is doing after things came to a vicious head with Palmerston, the Foreign office's Chief Mouser.

Riveting stuff. Have we already run out of legitimate news stories?

The wedding is reportedly set for August 2017. I predict we will be treated to a blow by blow of what her dress might look like, her flowers, cake and venue options to choose from, maybe even a mashup of what her future children's faces will look like. No doubt we will also see a geological diagram of just how distantly related the engaged couple are and how they are both related to a long dead royal. How DO genealogists do it?

I understand that there is interest in what she does, I get being happy for someone (even if you don't know that someone personally). I get wanting to share good news when it seems there is so little of it at the moment. But enough with the daily Pippa updates. Is it too much to ask to leave her alone until her wedding day?

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