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How long will it take for the Princess of Cambridge's names to be announced?

Now that she has finally arrived, the question on many a royal watchers mind is what will William and Kate name their newborn daughter. People, especially those with money waged on the name, are impatient to know. How long will it take for the royal baby's name to be announced? The waits for royal names have varied.

Prince George's names were announced two days after he was born

Prince William's names announced one week after his birth

Prince Harry's names were announced 19 hours after his birth

Princess Beatrice's name was announced  two weeks later

Princess Eugenie's name was announced one week later

Possibly due to her premature arrival, Lady Louise Windsor's name was announced 19 days after her birth

Whereas her brother, James, Viscount Severn's name took four days.

Princess Anne's name was announced two weeks after her birth

Prince Charles' name was announced on December 14, 1948. Exactly one month after he was born.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward's names were announced within a month of their births.

So Princess Cambridge's names could be released anywhere from tomorrow to a month! On the bright side, we can take heart in the fact that, unlike the Danish royal family, the British royals do not wait until the christening to provide the public with this information.

UPDATE: The baby has a name! Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Like her brother it took two days for her name to be announced.

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Anonymous said...

I think Diana will be one of the new Princess's names. As A child William promised Diana that when he could he would restore her HRH title. By naming the new baby after his mother he will have done just that!

Marilyn Braun said...

I hope that they included Diana amongst her names too! I know that there are some Royal commentators who are very adamant it won't happen but William has proven he likes to do things his own way. If he wants the name, and Kate agrees with it, I doubt anything will stand in his way.