Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Royal Baby is coming! The Royal Baby is coming! Have we completely lost our mnds?

As we and get closer to the due date for the royal baby's arrival you would think that we are the ones on the verge of giving birth. So far, we've covered choosing names, hospitals to give birth, natural versus cesarean, pain relief techniques and what the nursery will look like. Some have even started speculating on whether Kate will breastfeed and how Baby Cambridge will be educated. It would be an understatement to say that people are looking forward to this birth. It has become the royal event of 2013 and people will wring every last drop of interest out of the pregnancy until the baby finally arrives.

We may not know the exact due date but it hasn't stopped people from predicting. Some even going so far as to say Kate has mislead us and the baby may, in fact, arrive 10 days earlier than expected. Of grave concern is whether the baby be born on July 1st. Just another day in the calendar? No! It just so happens to be the birth date of Baby Cambridge's iconic dead grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales. God forbid he or she should be born on such a sacred day! Think of the specter of Diana, hovering over the child, the burden it will face, especially if it is a girl! The constant reminders because we will not let this child forget it! Should the baby have the luck/misfortune (depends on who you ask) to be born on July 1st, I highly doubt Baby Cambridge will think about Diana as he/she tears his/her birthday gifts apart in the years to come. Can we say the same?

With the amount of pressure Kate is under, I wouldn't be surprised if she chose to be induced like Diana, who did so because she couldn't handle the pressure she was under. Some think Kate is made of stronger stuff, but it is easy to say so when we are not the ones being minutely scrutinized. Then again, even if she is induced, does it really matter? Or would it be a crack in the perfect veneer we've created around Kate?

I for one do not envy Kate. She may be slavishly adored for 'never putting a foot wrong', and have a nice view from the pedestal we've placed her on, but when she goes into labor the pressure will be even greater, and if she has a long labor it will be agonizing for more reasons than one. Just knowing that with every contraction, the worlds media is waiting outside the hospital for her to deliver not just any royal baby, but the royal baby.

This birth will be anything but a private, intimate moment for William and Kate. We will make sure of it.

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