Thursday, October 11, 2012

Royal Review: Dress Up Kate

Since Kate's engagement announcement dozens of websites and blogs have have popped up ready to dissect every detail about her fashion choices. Frustratingly, your only option was to pass judgement in the various comments sections. Until now. Finally a sticker book has come along called  Dress Up Kate, allowing you to take matters into your own hands and play stylist to Kate. 

Poker faced minion

From her wedding day, to her honeymoon, royal engagements, Jubilee parties and red-carpet events you can choose from a variety of sedate outfits and accessories to match the occasion or throw caution to the wind. Corgi bedroom slippers to Garden parties? Wedding dress to a Lifeboat launch? Use your imagination!

Is that a telephoto lens
in the distance?
Replete with poker faced minions who appear to view Kate's state of undress as a matter of course, the only thing missing from these stickers are the paparazzi and chastened magazine editors. Although in light of recent news, Catherine may appear *ahem* a tad overdressed for the 'Home Alone' pages, no?

Look but don't play with it. One day
 this will be a collectors item.
Certain to appeal to all age groups, including my eight year old daughter, who would have had far more fun had I let her play with the stickers. With Dress Up Kate, 'Copy-Kate's' no longer have an excuse to continue venting their frustrations about her fashion choices. With 350 stickers, you can indulge your fashion fantasies to your heart's content. Don't like her shoes? Choose new ones! Floral bouquet clashes with the Queen's hat? Change it! The choice is now yours.

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