Monday, April 09, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Frances by Max Riddington and Gavan Naden


Frances: The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana's Mother by Max Ridddington
Published 2003
256 Pages
ISBN: 1843170434

Frances is unique amongst royal-by-proximity biographies in that it actually has input from its subject. Had it not done so, it would have been culled from what is already in the public domain and Diana's own recollections. This would have made for a sad and incomplete portrait of Frances Shand Kydd, who died in 2004.

It's unfortunate but inevitable that Diana's family will be overshadowed by their association with her. Their individual stories becoming mere anecdotal footnotes in her life story. But Diana would not have become the person she was were it not for her parents - Frances Shand Kydd  and Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer.

Before Diana and the global fame associated with her there was Frances. And her story is a worthy read in order to find out more about someone who was a fascinating individual in her own right.

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Rman said...

Hi Marilyn,

I sometimes wonder how Frances felt about the way her late daughter was treated by Charles, the Queen, royal establishment and media? I know it couldn't have been easy for her to see Diana go through what she went through.