Friday, April 27, 2012

Can Catherine Cambridge walk on water?

Looking at the saccharine media coverage about Catherine and you would definitely think so. But the comment section in articles and on royal message boards belies that view. Even if people choose to dismiss and ignore it.

Regardless of their personal viewpoint, William and Catherine are the fairytale couple. Perfection, beauty and happiness personified. Catherine by her sheer newness, ability to dress well and look attentive around small children, has reportedly won every heart that has ever come into contact with her. Not to mention sympathy for the incessant comparison to a dead iconic mother-in-law. She is also on par with the Queen in immunity from criticism. Compare her to Princess Anne or Mother Theresa and Catherine will win hands down. Not because of what she has or hasn't done but because she is better looking.

We have been repeatedly reminded that Catherine has not 'put a foot wrong'. It's difficult to do when little has been expected of her. Easing her into her royal position has been an agonizing process for people who would like to see her do something other than smile and sell clothes; no matter how good it may be for British industry. She is capable of more than that. After a year, she has reportedly graduated to a fully-fledged royal. Here's hoping Royal Year-Two brings a more realistic viewpoint of her skills and dedication. For her sake as well as ours.

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Rman said...

Hi Marilyn,

I always enjoy reading your blog.

I'm not really surprised by all the glory and praise over the Duchess of Cambridge. The media have been doing that for a long time with the Royal Women of Windsor. The media make it seem like the Queen, late Queen Mother and even the late Princess of Wales walked on water and the clouds.

This whole saying of "never put a foot wrong" to me don't seem human or realistic. The Royals are human just like everybody else. They have and will put a foot wrong at some point down the line. That's just what us humans do but it's that press that will make it seem like it's the worst thing since Hitler.

Many of those comments you see under the Daily Mail articles and others don't really represent the real thoughts of the public. Many of those comments come for some people who have never liked Catherine, even before she married William. It's not about dismissing the comments but that's just how it is and there's a great deal of jealousy out there too.

Everyone know that Catherine and William are fully capable of doing more when it comes down to official engagements. They know they can do more but it seems like their plan and the palaces plan is for them to remain part-time senior royals until next year, at least. There hasn't been an official announcement of whether William will remain in the military beyong next year or if he and Catherine will become full-time royals. I think this is what's driving a great deal of frustration on the internet and it have a way of turning nasty.

I personally think the Duke & Duchess have done pretty good job so far. I think Catherine has really taken to royal life with a great deal of grace and dignity. Even the royal family think so by Prince Edward expressing the family fondness for her and how proud they are of her.

Catherine have a great deal of work ahead of her and I think she has gradually taken to it in a serious manner. The only way I think she can do it, if she continue to have the love and support of William and the family.