Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Royal Report for Sunday October 3, 2010- Is Kate Middleton suitable for the royal family?

Kate Middleton has been dating Prince William for eight years. There has been much discussion surrounding whether or not she is suitable for the royal family. Is she suitable for the royal family?

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Is Kate Middleton suitable for the royal family?

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Dani-RJ said...

Hi :) Marilyn Braun!

'Is she suitable for the royal family?' Now.... No
2004-2005-2006: Yessss
In my opinion the length of time they've been together is the double edged sword.
She(Kate) might think that in the end the result will justify just about everything.
There is a cumulative effect. HMQ is still here, and will weather pretty much anything.When she goes... :(