Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kate Middleton Isn't Your Whipping Post

I'm all for being a law abiding citizen. It works for me. But when recent news reports trumpeted Kate Middleton with a cell phone in her hand while either driving or sitting in a car (it's arguable when looking at the photos), it made me mad. OK, sure it looks as though she broke the law. If she did break the law, she should not be above it or the consequences of doing so. I don't have a problem with that at all.

However, tell me, how many of those people who are making an example of her haven't done the same thing? Maybe it might even be you and you just haven't been caught yet. It's good to live in your glass house, isn't it? Aren't you lucky to not have a pack of paparazzi following you and your every move?

But see, this isn't about a driving with a cell phone. It's not about public safety. It's about making Kate into a whipping post. The Kate-haters looking for any reason to criticize her. The media with a slow news week pouncing on this supposed "story". Driving safety advocates, while not making an example of her, weighing in on the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. So, what do you think they're doing then?

Jumping on the bandwagon.

Enjoy it while it lasts. In a week they'll go back to their lost cause of preventing the problem and the Kate-haters will sharpen their claws until the next excuse comes along.

But authorities are supposed to throw the book at her, aren't' they? She's not above the law. You're absolutely right on that count. They can fine her but that won't be enough, will it? Would knowing she's been fined make you happy? I doubt it. You'll probably use the receipt as kindling while attaching her to the stake. Kate will be made the poster child for this issue. Maybe, if she becomes royal she can become a patron of said driving safety organization? Would that satisfy you?

How many of you are truly incensed enough to make this a safety issue? Maybe you would put together a petition? You could become a catalyst for change. Will you go to the police and report it? Give them a call and let them know you're coming. Or will you simply continue to post vicious comments on message boards? Only you know the answer to that.

She may have broken the law. But where I come from, she's innocent until proven guilty. I'm tired of her being made a whipping post for peoples jealousy and insecurities.

There ought to be a law for that too.

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Ella Kay said...

Excellent post, Marilyn. I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Well said. I have been wondering why there's so much hostility directed at Kate Middleton. Maybe it's because she seems calm and confident. I can remember some similar remarks about Denmark's Princess Mary before her marriage. It's sad if being poised is seen as a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to make it into a horrible Kate-hater war against poor Kate. She broke the law, end of story. I don't drive around with my mobile firmly attached to my ear because it's against the law, so why should she be allowed to? And if people like Marilyn think that some are going over the top when condemning Kate for doing this, then Marilyn, Ella Kay and cinderella obviously do not know anyone who has been injured or killed by the stupidity of a driver who's too busy talking on their cell phone. No one cares if people hate her or not. The only people that bring that stupid logic into the argument are those who blindly adore Kate. All people want is for Kate to receive the same penalty they would also receive if they were caught (on film or otherwise) for breaking the same law. She's no one special even if she is dating a prince.

Marilyn Braun said...


If you'd read my post properly instead of jumping to the conclusion that I condone her actions (and that she should get away with it) then you may want to read it again.

Anyways, if you're so concerned about people being injured or killed by the 'stupidity of a driver then why does your answer concentrate so much on Kate? Don't you think that you're then making this instance about Kate instead of the issue?

The only people who bring this stupid logic into this argument are those who look for any reason to hate Kate.

Anonymous said...

People talking (especially texting) on phones while driving is a pet peeve of mine, so I do take it seriously. I don't think I've run into anyone yet who blindly adores Kate, but a lot of people seem to blindly hate her.

Christina said...

Obviously, driving while using a mobile is irresponsible but, as the post says, this isn't about that. It's typical of the English (and I am proudly English!) way of immediately having to find something unpleasant to say about anyone who appears successful in any way. No sooner had Princess Diana made an impact, than the press went out to find anything bad to say about her. The same is true of so many people here and Kate Middleton - just by virtue of the fact that she is with Prince William, can become the target of those who go hang around just waiting for someone to put a foot wrong. I am convinced it is jealousy, pure and simple.