Monday, December 10, 2007

The Royal Report for Sunday December 9, 2007 - Is Kate Middleton qualified to marry into the royal family?


Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

I really liked your report and it was quite funny. As for Kate being qualified to marry into the royal family, I don't think that's a question for us to answer but for William to do so. She is educated, nice and very loyal. In my opinion, I think she will make a beautiful bride, wonderfrul wife and a fantastic future Queen. Things are going great for William & Kate so I think William has answered that question long ago. I'm very glad to know that Kate will join the royals for a weekend but will not attend a shoot. It's too risky right now. I just continue to pray for these two.

Anonymous said...

I agree that's a question for William to answer--only he can know for sure. Would she be worthy of him if he weren't a Royal? If so, then the answer is "yes," but again, it should be his (and her) decision.