Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saying what's already been said

I have several drafts in the inbox where I weigh in about Kate Middleton and Prince William. I haven't been able to finish any of these drafts because sometimes I wonder whether I have anything new to add to the subject. Finding something to say that hasn't already been said about this issue is difficult. What angle should I take when there isn't one left?

The subject seems to have been beaten to death, with no end in sight. In the absence of an engagement ring, plenty of speculation and 'insider' reports take its place. The ghost of Diana makes its ubiquitous appeance. One can only wonder what the principal players in this media frenzy think. The royal family is no doubt used to this. But unlike his father with the young Lady Diana Spencer, Prince William seems to be protective of Kate Middleton. Or so the reports would have us believe. Has William ordered police protection for Kate? A chivalrous royal suitor rescuing his damsel in distress makes for a better story. William on his polo pony and Kate, a present day Cinderella, running the gaunlet of rabid press. Hounded while doing the most menial of tasks, arguments about Kate's privacy add a newsworthy dimension.

One thing is certain, both sides have to handle the situation carefully. Learning lessons from Diana's death, regardless of Kate's status, the royal family can't be seen to be insensitive. Kate, should she want to become the next royal bride, needs to be discreet while playing the waiting game. Should an announcement be forthcoming, we can only hope it will be worth it. Angle: Love conquers all.

But what does Kate think? Does she want to be a princess? What if things don't pan out? Book deals and appearances on Oprah follow. It could work out either way for her. Just look at Fergie.

Maybe I'll ponder these things while I'm thinking of something to write about.

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crankshaft said...

Actually, I think Kate makes a splendid partner for Wills with her poise and reserve, though I do wonder if the reverse may be true.

Some factions still prefer the Archduchess Maria Laura.