Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Royal look-alikes

You've seen them on the street and probably snickered. You know them, the couple who wear identical jogging suits, and think they look cute, when they look anything but. It's even been said that when a couple has been together long enough they even start to look like each other. Sometimes it's blissful symmetry, other times it's just plain awful. Sarah and Andrew and more recently Charles and Camilla have been seen in matching kilts, however this is not the first time we've seen a royal couple look alike. Royalty may not have jogging suits, or at least not wear them in public, but at least they dress alike in style.

Before it all went awry. I'm sure no one laughed at them when this picture came out but where did Charles end and Diana begin? Was this the first sign of trouble?

Sometimes they even do matching pained expressions, proving that if a couple is together long enough they will start to look like each other or their pets.

When they work together they wear matching uniforms. Quick, count who has more medals!

And if they don't dress alike, they're mannerisms are curiously...curious...

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Anonymous said...

I am completely oblivious about the Royal family, but do they have pets?

I wonder if they look like their dogs, as well. :)

Anonymous said...

haha they were great photos!!!

Peggy K said...

I'm not really up on fashion, but it always seemed to me that the royals wear outfits that are closer to costumes than real clothes - especially the hats. Anyway, I think they should dress and act alike, that way we can tell who is dating/married to whom.

Anonymous said...

There were fun photos, especially the one with them both scratching their nose at the same time. (they were scratching...weren't they?)