Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Places people, places! Harry and Meghan are back!

I normally refrain from voicing an opinion on Harry and Meghan without having an option for shelter. Especially on Twitter where a pile-on can be swift for those who dare to voice their opinions. Not all heroes wear capes. But if they did, they would be designed by Stella McCartney. Offering us protection in a stylish and sustainable way. Any other designer and you're on your own.

Yes, the unsung heroes. The Twitter warriors wading through the toxic battlefield so we don't have to. The next generation will thank us for their sacrifices against the immediate threat of a complete stranger's contrary opinion. Observing from above, the royal family is designing a medal. It will be called the Order of Think Before You Tweet. Don't you know there are wild-fires/starving children/poverty/environmental problems to remind others about?

This just in, Harry and Meghan have returned from their holidays. Places people, places! 7 days in to 2020 and we are off!

Harry and Meghan. Just the names make you suit-up. Oh those wacky Stans! Why can't they just understand? Or better yet, go away. Oh no, here they come! Block 'em and brag about being on the right side. Announcing you like Meghan and Catherine? (egads!) becomes just another thing to argue about. Why can't we just grab a coffee and hash it out?

Some say Harry and Meghan are to blame. They can't do anything right. Not when we've decided they're already wrong before they step off the plane.  We wouldn't have to argue if they did what we demand they do, right? Could they handle things differently? Depends on who you ask. Today's controversy will be tomorrow's tally point. Sending mixed messages by publicly thanking people for a private holiday? Oh the humanity!

The story may change but one thing is consistent, our reaction to it.

[Insert action we don't like]...furious typing...snack..furious retweet...snack...furious typing...lunch break..furious retweet...dinner...Rinse and repeat next week.

Now that we're off, grab a comfy chair. I'm making popcorn, do you want some?

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