Friday, August 14, 2015

Who creates the market for paparazzi photos of Prince George? We do!

Here we go again. Prince William and Catherine appealing to our better nature in the interests of protecting the privacy of their children. This morning Kensington Palace sent out a three-page press release to that effect . However, this time it provided more background on what goes into photos of Prince George between official appearances.

Sad to say, this will change nothing. We will decry the pursuit of Prince George on twitter and royal message boards. Royal correspondents will play devils advocate regarding whether the royals are entitled to privacy when in a public setting. And while this is a very complex problem which will continue to come up, one part of the press release is the most telling:

"...many people who read and enjoy the publications that fuel the market for unauthorised photos of children do not know about the unacceptable circumstances behind what are often lovely images.  The use of these photos is usually dressed up with fun, positive language about the 'cute', 'adorable' photos and happy write ups about the family.  We feel readers deserve to understand the tactics deployed to obtain these pictures."

Until now it was easier to turn a blind eye to that fact. After all, the pictures are adorable, no? When Prince William complained about press intrusion, it came across as petulance and wanting to have it both ways. Go on twitter and you will find complaints about censorship and how controlling the royals are when it comes to their coverage. It is very easy to say that when the royals are in public they are 'fair-game' and that it is entirely legal to photograph them. However, just reading paparazzi tactics and the potential threat they pose, makes it more difficult to justify it that way.

The very people who decry the pursuit of Prince George are the ones who contribute to the demand for them. Complain about how distasteful the pursuit is today, coo over how cute George looks in his crocs tomorrow. While you're at it, don't forget to pay lip-service to Diana's tragic death and you have covered your bases until the next time it happens.

When it does, just repeat and don't act surprised.

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